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  • Hotel Oriental Express Tokyo Ginza
  • Hotel Oriental Express Tokyo Ginza
  • Hotel Oriental Express Tokyo Ginza
  • Hotel Oriental Express Tokyo Ginza
  • Hotel Oriental Express Tokyo Ginza

Art Gallery

An art gallery-like hotel and a base for information on the art world

Based on the concept of an "art gallery hotel", from classical paintings to contemporary works and from the new to the old,
Hotel Oriental Express Tokyo Ginza is a literal treasure trove of information
on Ginza's art world and is a verifiable central hotspot for art-related information,
all the while functioning as an art space itself and helping to stimulate the creative spirit.



About the wearing of masks by hotel staff

Thank you for your valued patronage of Hotel Orientalexpress Tokyo Ginza.
Please kindly note that with the unfortunate spread of the coronavirus worldwide, as a precaution, our staff will wear masks to provide for the protection of our guests and co-employees.

Located 1 min on foot from Tsukiji Station, a location great for sightseeing, strolling, and shoppingA short walk to Ginza

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Come and experience the art mecca of Ginza.

Hotel Oriental Express Tokyo Ginza is located within walking distance to Ginza–a mecca of the art world.
The area is also a great location for sightseeing, strolling, and shopping.
For example, you can walk westward to the Kabukiza Theatre and the Ginza, or eastward across the river to Tsukiji and Tsukishima,
with all ways leading straight into a hot zone of Japanese culture and the experience of one of the country's distinct four seasons.
In addition, the Tokyo Metro and JR subways run in all directions, providing good access to various areas of Tokyo.

A carefree and creative time, using all five sensesComfort

Guest Room

Guest Room

All rooms come with Bluetooth-capable speakers, which allow our guests to enjoy their favorite music amid wall art designs that depict Japan's seasons. Feel sound so perfect that it can almost be reached out to and touched, thus making for a free and creative way to relax in a room.


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How about starting your day with a chef-created specialty soup dish? Come enjoy five kinds of soup that change with the seasons and that can nourish you and prep you for the day. You can also take out soup to your room, so as to enjoy your time in a private setting.


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  • Guest Space

    Guest Space


The white-themed lobby and guest rooms are accented by "silver Ginza tones" (the "Gin" in the word "Ginza" refers to "silver") in the wall art, depicting images of Japan's four seasons. While visiting, guests can enjoy a space surrounded by the creative and the fantastic. Also, as a gallery space, the lobby exhibits and sells a number of select works in collaboration with galleries based in Ginza. Should the mood strike you, works can be made available for purchase on-the-spot.


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Walking distance to the art mecca of GinzaLocation

Located 1 min on foot from Tsukiji Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line
      and a 2-min walk from Shintomicho Station on the Yurakucho Line